Our duty and commitment at Toronto French Montessori School is to provide the best possible education to our students and ease their entry to their high schools. Furthermore, we provide guidance and answers to their expectations at the next level of their life experience.

Our qualified teachers are deeply committed to their students’ academic development, dedicating their time to provide an enriched and rewarding learning experience both in the French, English and Spanish as a second language.

I am very proud of all our students at the Toronto French Montessori. Heartfelt thanks go to the parents, students and staff that have contributed to making the school community what it is today. We are also blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful families.

Together we will continue dedicating ourselves to assist our students and to build a better future for them.​

Yours in Education,

Madame Marie



TFMS is a private independent school which focusses on strengthening the four pillars of personal growth: 






This is achieved through a strong dedication to academia and discipline.

Every student will excel and achieve his/her maximum potential in an atmosphere of kindness,
guidance and nurturing, in order to acquire a love of lifelong learning
and to ensure success in the 21st century society.